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Imagine a World without music. A World without the pounding of the drums , without the soothing strum of the lute, without the melodious lilt of the human voice to invigorate your senses. Without music , the world would be a colourless, soulless place. In the 1940's, the Imam Yahya decreed this soundless world for the people of Yemen.
Yemeni music, song and poetry are respected and renowned throughout Arabia and forms an integral part of Yemeni weddings, funerals, qat chewing parties
and religious celebrations.

The new CD (15 yrs in the making) "Yemen's Lost Soul – Arabian Legends", covers the country's foremost remaining traditional musicians and singers, and records their moving songs, intercut with the stunning and majestic scenery of Yemen. A land known as the Tibet of Arabia, due to its fortress like houses which perch defensively on nearly
inaccessible peaks., Mohammed Al-Harithi, one of godfathers of Yemen traditional music. Recently deceased his haunting majestic music takes us on a journey around Yemen .

Singer Tagia Al Tawillia, who because of her profession was ostracised and stoned.

Tagia, a prominent female vocalist and musician, is a rarity in Yemen, where until recently women singers were forbidden . For many years, she suffered abuse for her chosen career choice.

Blind musician Al - Akfash  singing centuries old songs  

El-Akfash is a soulful musician whose songs spring from the same well of his predecessors. Even in his blindness, this gifted musician could see the end of traditional music due to forces he feels he could not stop alone. Unappreciated this dignified musician found solace in alcohol and died recently of alcoholism. 
Until 1962, music, singing dance and theatre were all forbidden in Yemen. Musicians and singers were forced underground and performed only in secret. Since traditional music is being revived there is a rare opportunity to record these unique songs (up to 800 yrs old) which are a living testimony of Yemen's history and Soul.
For centuries, a veil of mystery has shrouded the ancient land of Yemen to the outside world, hiding both its fascinating tribal customs , its rich landscape and architecture, unique music, songs and poetry renowned throughout Arabia
The music CD’s and film aims to bridge the gap in International recognition for traditional Yemeni