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1 x 52 min  
(Underwater / Wildlife) 
Underwater filming from various films  (eg: Underworld, Sharks etc)  for Discovery Channel/ Animal Planet/ Channel 4/RDF/Channel 5    Covering a range of subjects from ancient underwater civilizations, submarines, 
WW2 shipwrecks, bull sharks, Scorpionfish, Parrot fish, Moray eels, giant sea turtles, and hundreds of different 
marine species and  coral.
UNDERWORLD series - Yonaguni / Japan, Channel 4 Discovery Channel

SHARKS - Bull sharks/  Cayman Islands
Discovery Channel 

Blue Hole filming in Belize was used in recent award winning series of Great Ocean Adventures which John Executive Produced for Discovery.

SUBMARINES - Discovery Channel

GIANT SEA TURTLES - clips from Egypt Japan, Cayman Islands