(Culture/ Adventure) 
On the magical island of Sri Lanka, a mysterious prehistoric ritual is about to take place. This strange phenomenon has survived over two millennia. It is unparalleled anywhere in the world. For the first time, a film crew has travelled into this war torn region that is officially closed to the outside world, predominantly in Tamil Tiger areas, often getting caught in the crossfire. The films focus on a prehistoric 400 km  pilgrimage, a colourful procession of minstrels, dancers, beggars and holy men. The film culminates in the high drama of the fire-walking  festival where many of the pilgrims are suspended by hooks.  
(Culture/ Adventure) 
Shot in the Andes of Chile. The film follows a British Mountaineering 
Expedition on its journey to the remote Atacama desert to climb the World's highest active volcano (20,000 ft).   The film is a story of human challenge and exploration for the military survey team .Without oxygen and in sub- 
zero temperatures, altitude sickness and frostbite take their toll on the team of 16 which is reduced to 3  who make the final summit. National Geographic Channel  
- 1 x 52 min 
(Culture/ Adventure) 
The Arara were listed as extinct when the Brazilian press reported the murder and cannibalism of 3 mineral prospectors by unknown indians. Many were wounded by arrows in the attempt to contact the elusive tribe. The film uncovers the murder of 12 of the tribe by colonists.  First contact decimated the tribe by introducing influenza leaving only 59 alive. The film is a powerful portrayal of a fast dissapearing nation with a unique animation of their mythology with the “Jaguar Spirit”. Film has been broadcast in over 200 countries.

National Geographic/ WGBH/ PBS/ Discovery Channel
1 x 52 min  (Culture) 
For centuries, a veil of mystery has shrouded the ancient land of Yemen to the outside world, hiding both its fascinating tribal customs as well as its nationwide addiction to the controversial plant Qat. 
The film explores the Yemeni culture and its dependency on Qat which plays a central role in daily life, marriages and tribal disputes. During wedding ceremonies, the plant often sends chewers into a frenzy of dangerous dagger dancing, where knives are parried to the hypnotic beat of the drums. The explosive expansion of qat with over 13 million chewers Worldwide in over 19 countries has created an urgency to clarify the mysteries surrounding this ancient narcotic and examine its euphoric as well as destructive properties. 
PATH TO MANHOOD”  Rites of Passage of the Mek People  
- 52 min 
(Culture/ Adventure) 
for Discovery Channel and National Geographic Television International shot in West Papua New Guinea focusing on the rites of passage rituals of the Mek people. Living an isolated existence from the outside world in the steep mountains of the highlands. The film follows the patriarch of the group and his special relationship with the children to be initiated. A dignified warrior who has been shot by arrows and was previously a cannibal.
WILD BOAR - 1x 52 min 
An Equilibrium Films production for Discovery Channel/ Animal Planet   Shot in Berlin where 7,000 wild boar seem to co-exist in reasonable harmony with the population of 3 1/2 million Berliners.The film interviews victims (dogs and humans) of boar attacks, and the unusual of situation where a Sow gives birth and brings up her piglets in a busy city square, frequently visiting the local supermarket and making friends with the local schoolchildren. The film covers the annual culling of the boar by the foresters to keep the numbers manageable. 
 15 min 
(Current Affairs/ Human Rights) 
an Equilibrium Films Production  for Channel 4  News  shot in the last Karen stronghold in Burma/ Thailand. The film focuses on Burma's military Junta' s ethnic cleansing policies and human rights abuse including slave labour, the film highlights the plight of the ethnic minorities,  in particular the Karenni and Karen who are fighting for their survival.   Burma's Final Solution   has been broadcasted in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Greece the Netherlands,  the US and Canada.  
DEATH & GLORY - Running with the Bulls - 1 x 52 min 
(Culture/ Adventure) 
 The film focuses on Spain's notorious Bull run consisting of 800 meters of fear. The film follows the  invasion of 
some 3,000 Australasians who run riot in the streets of Pamplona.  Their drunken rampage breeds both contempt and admiration in the hearts of the Spanish who enjoy the spectacle of foreigners running with killer bulls on the mere strength of their liquid courage. Every day, the run claims new victims who are gored or trampled over by the bulls. Has been broadcasted in NZ  
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(Current Affairs/ Human Rights) 
for NBC/ BskyB News Sunday cover story investigating the  Slave trade and other human rights abuses in Southern Sudan. The film examines the victims of the forgotten civil war, the displaced, famine and ethnic genocide of the indigenous people. The film was made in rebel SPLA held areas of Sudan. 
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(Current Affairs) 
Shot undercover in Iran investigating the death under  torture  of Canadian journalist Zahra Kazemi  who attempted to report on the growing opposition movement in Iran. The film focuses on the underground student movement fighting for reforms following the Islamic revolution which they helped create. With journalist Jane Kokan For Hardcash Productions. 
Won best foreign press award
Channel 4/ PBS Frontline
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