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Voodoo 3 parts
Voodoo secret rituals

Voodoo the Living dead

Voodoo in New Orleans

Arctic Tug of War
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Journey Into Hidden Bhutan
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Voodoo, one of the World’s oldest and most misunderstood religions, dating back some 10,000 yrs! predating Islam, Christianity and Buddhism. Yet Voodoo is known as an evil, dangerous form of witchcraft.

What Happened ? Who vilified this powerful ancient religion.

What is really known about its roots in Benin ?

How did it survive and expand and become so secret. ?

For the first time, film-maker John Miles following a comprehensive two and a half year odyssey across the World from the roots of Vodoun in Africa, Benin, Togo, Burkina Faso, Haiti, Europe and the US demystifying the World’s oldest religion.

Vodoun is a powerful religion which had its roots in Africa and yet suffered a great injustice. Slaves were forcibly uprooted from their homeland, family, culture, traditions and importantly their religion Vodoun. As the whites could not destroy their powerful religion through making it illegal and its practice punishable by death, they decided to demonise and distort it.

This great injustice still survives today with the common perception that voodoo is a form of evil witchcraft involving pins stuck into dolls.

This distortion has allowed for Hollywood and commercialism to exploit it. The truth is far removed from this.

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